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   With the beginner, advanced, and pro FMX Instruction on, we will not only show you how to do the Cody Elkins doea a starfish, a variation of the bar hop. basic freestyle moves such as no footed can cans, nac nacs, and heelclickers, but we will also guide you to doing advanced and pro moves such as saran wraps, kiss of deaths, and even backflips!. Our guide will show you the safest, fastest, and easiest ways to work up to each trick, using our progression techniques to develop your Freestyle Motocross abilities. FMX is all about progression; while perfecting your Freestyle Motocross skills you need to work your way up from the basics. In this article, FMX pro Greg Hartman talks about how he understands the importance of perfecting fundamental Freestyle Motocross tricks.
  Detailed coverage and step by step instructions with video are featured with every trick in the school. Tips and notes from top pro freestyle riders such as Ronnie Renner, Greg Hartman, Cody Elkins, and Adam Jones, will also be included with select tricks. To view the step by step instructions for the Kiss of Death for free, click here!
            Steve Wagner does a one handed superman seat grab.Within the school we'll show you how to set up your own freestyle motocross bike, including instructions for creating your own grab holes, shaving down your seat foam, and where to place your handlebars and levers. Have you ever worried about what to do if you make a mistake during a trick? FMX School gives tips on what to do if you miss a grab or freeze mid-trick. A Freestyle Motocross terms glossary, as well as information on making your own freestyle motocross dirt take-offs and landings, is also included in your fmx school membership. Want to build your own freestyle motocross ramp? Wooden and metal freestyle ramp plans are available from Order a freestyle school/ramp plan combo and save!

  Are you looking for just basic fmx tricks for free? Look no further! On, we offer the basic 8 tricks free of charge!! Click here to start learning fender grabs and can cans!

  This school is the most complete collection of freestyle techniques and tips - anywhere. You will get all of this in our online program plus tons of extra tips for just $15.

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Here's how it works!How to build your own Wooden FMX Ramp!

When you order fmxschool, ramp plans, or the combo membership, you will receive a personalized login name and password to use to enter the school. Your one time membership fee pays for your access to the school for one year, including any school updates! This is by far the ultimate collection of freestyle motocross techniques, and the internet allows us to bring it to you at such a low cost.

All of the video clips in fmxschool can be paused, put in slow motion, ran at full screen and put on repeat with the click of your mouse which makes learning freestyle motocross easy and convenient!

Cody Elkins and Johnny Jones touch on a superman seat grab and a bar hop - Both FMX Tricks are outlined in the FMX School.

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Covered in
Freestyle School:

Bike Setup
  Cutting Seat
  Cutting Grab Holes

Jumping Ramps
  First Time on ramp?
  Body Positioning
  Controlling the throttle
  Moving it back

Freestyle Term Glossary
 "Sweet Spot"
 "Dead Sailor"
  And More...

Basic Tricks:          
 One Hander
 No Hander
 No Footer
 Can Can
 Fender Grab

Advanced Tricks:
 No Footed Can Can
 Saran Wrap
 Stale Fish
 Superman S.Grab
 Bar Hop/Shoalin
 Nac Nac

Pro Tricks:
 Tsunami / Kiss of Death
 No Handed Landing
 SSG One hander
 SSG Indian Air
 Double Grab / D.G. Hart
 Rock Solid
 Back Flip

Freestyle Motocross
ramp plans
also available!

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