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Freestyle Motocross Ramp from FMXSCHOOL.COM
The wooden FMX School ramp is eight feet tall and 22 feet long.

Steve Wagner jumps his wooden FMX ramp in Kansas City, Missouri.
First time ramp jumpers will have access to a tutorial on jumping an FMX ramp for the first time.


With your Freestyle Motocross School ramp plans, you'll learn every aspect of building your own FMX ramp. We have step by step assembly guides that contain drafts, pictures, and instructions to show you how to easily build a wooden or metal fmx ramp nearly identical to the ramps used in professional fmx competitions. Our online plans also include demensions for a full size dirt landing (needed to jump a freestyle ramp). Included are building tips and tricks to ensure the ramp has the best possible craftsmanship. While assembling your ramp, you will also have email support for your specific construction questions.

Once built, your fmx ramp will work well at distances anywhere from 30 to 70 feet. Discussed in the online assembly guide is instruction for riders who plan to modify thier ramp's curve (making it shorter or mellower) so it is more suited for a first-timer, or to make it wider so it can be jumped with a quad.

Also included on this website is instruction
for riders who have never hit a ramp before.

These ramps have a curve that has been designed and tested by the FMXSchool contributors. They have been modified over and over again to give the rider optimum pop for throwing out tricks easily. Perfect for medium gap sizes (50-65 feet), the FMXSchool metal ramps were even used on the inaugural IFMA Ramp2Ramp tour. When asked about the ramps, one builder said that "...if you were looking for a little more pop Fmxschool ramps are great and not to mention incredibly smooth." -Andrew Hood

 If you have any questions about wooden or metal ramps, please contact us.

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(The metal and wood plans are available independently for just $10, or both sets together with the FMX School membership as a $20 combo.)

Wooden and Metal ramp plans!

Included with the metal ramp plans are instructions for installing a "crank wheel" assembly, for easy transportation of the ramp

Build our fmx ramps out of wood or metal.
With your metal or wooden ramp plans, you'll get diagrams and information on building your very own professional dirt landing ramp.


Here's How it Works!
 Immediately after ordering your online ramp plans, you will receive an email including a PDF file. The physical ramp assembly guides ship within 2 business days via USPS priority mail. Orders within the continental United States should be recieved within 5-7 days after ordering. International orders may take up to three weeks to arrive.
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These FMX School ramps are set up at 65 feet, to an eleven-foot tall dirt landing. However, most of the advanced and pro freestyle motocross tricks can be learned on a gap much smaller,  anywhere from 30-50 feet.





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