Adam Jones
Adam Jones awaits a demo to commence in northern Texas back in the summer of 2003.

Adam Jones originally made his mark in the freestyle world by winning over 14 IFMA events in 02 & 03, getting the bronze at X Games in 2004, and the silver in 2006. Adam then left a permanant claim in FMX history, completing his medal collection by taking the gold in 2007. This well-rounded rider from Pennsylvania has a huge bag of tricks, is not afraid to go big, and puts 100% into every event he competes in.

Jones does what he's good at - big over-the-bar tricks while aboard his Monster-backed Honda.
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Greg Hartman
Greg Hartman helps out at Camp Chuck getting riders out of the foam pit.
Hartman grew up in Pennsylvania riding with the likes of Mike Jones, Dan Pastor, and Travis Pastrana. Greg is credited with being one of the first ten riders to pull a successful backflip, completing several at Pastrana's facility even before Travis had built his foam pit. In the summer of 2007, Greg opened the eyes of the FMX industry by taking fourth place in the MotoX Best Trick contest at the Mexico X Games, and now has secured himself in the FMX history books by taking the Gold Medal at the third ever Dubai X Games in December 2007.

Greg Hartman pulls off a switchblade-backflip during a practice session.

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Ronnie Renner

With top five finishes at X, Gravity, and Dew Tour in multiple diciplines, Ronnie "Who's Your Daddy" Renner is always on the top of his game. When Ronnie isn't helping explain tricks or riding competitions, he's freeriding Cainville or being a dad to his two sons. Look for him on this years IFMA and Dew tour, as well as the X Games.

Ronnie Renner throws a huge rock-solid at an indoor contest. 
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Johnny Jones

Johnny Jones is a privateer FMX rider from Shattuck, Oklahoma. Johnny enjoys mixin' it up at his FMX practice track whenever he gets time. At left you can see Johnny throwin' down at the LeBatt Centre in Ontario, Canada. Johnny is retired, as he traded in the busy weekends of full-time FMX riding for recreational weekends at the motocross track with his wife and two sons.

Johnny Jones goes huge while at a monster truck show in London, Ontario.
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Jason Rowe

Jason Rowe hails from Chicago, Illinois and raced across the midwest before turning to FMX full time in 2003. Jason throws sick combo's and has awesome natural style. Jason is a full-time IFMA rider and does exhibitions on the side. Jason can be found doing events all across the US for a varitety of organizations. Catch him on tour with the Shriner or UniverSoul Circus, at a Monster truck rally, or at a local FMX demo near you.

Jason Rowe gets down with a fluid and extended helicopter (Hart Attack Indian Air).

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Jeff Winstead

Winstead was known in the Freestyle Motocross industry as "Trailer Trash" - The rider who loves to antagonize the crowd. But to the Staff, Jeff is known as a good friend who helps us out making sure the trick explanations are perfect. Jeff did it all in FMX; from Monster Jams, to IFMA dirt, to winning events on the IFMA ramp to ramp tour, Winstead saw it all.

Cody Elkins

Cody is another exceptional freestyle rider based out of Oklahoma. Cody raced the amatuer national circuit in the intermediate class before turning to freestyle full time in 2003. Cody made several IFMA mains in his rookie year and keeps busy doing events all across the globe. These days you can find him touring around the world jumping motocross bikes, pit bikes, and even quads.

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