Double grab Kiss of Death - 2004	Cordova Hart attack over the cops! A wood ramp build seat grab. 2002	Kanas City, Mo Hart Attack	Joplin, MO seat grab	One Handed Hart Attack	Shaolin	Preparing for an event	Hart Attack. Lee's Summit, MO 2003	Hart Attack, Lee's Summit, MO - 2003	Tsunami. 2003. 	Holy Grab. 2004.	KOD - April 2004	With Renner and Robertston in Joliet, IL 2003	Pastana's pit. Summer 2004. 	Whippin' it	Camp Chuck 2005	Laying it over at an IFMA	Green tires and clean plastic at an IFMA 2005.	Camp Chuck's - KOD	Slow wheelie at an IFMA		Jason Rowe	Adam Jones	Cordova flip - Jones	Greg Hartman - Huge switchblade at Three Palms in Houston.	Cordova in Canada - 2003
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