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REPRESENT was the freestyle motocross video that started it all for's Steve Wagner. The video features Steve Wagner and friends jumping freestyle ramps, dirt gaps, and large rythem sections at the old "63rd Street Compound" in Kansas City, Missouri. In addition to showcasing the Kansas City FMX scene, the video includes footage of Oklahoma natives Bryan Dowdy, Johnny Jones, and Cody Elkins, as well as an XR50 "Mini Thrashing" , and Streetbike "Got Street?" section. Cameo shots of Kansas City-based BMX Street riders Robbie Brown and Dennis McCoy can also be found in the video.

Shot in:
Missouri, Kansas, & Oklahoma

Riders include:
Steve Wagner, Cody Elkins, Johnny Jones, Bryan Dowdy, JK Neal, Dan Jackson, Robbie Brown, John & Robert Distler, Myles Richmond, Michael Gravette, Kenny Bartram.


During the spring and summer of 2003, Wagner went to work with Dan Jackson making the award-winning streetbike video, A Few Loose Screws. Although AFLS did feature some FMX, throughout the year Wagner collected an abundance of good Freestyle Motocross footage from his travels as a professional rider. Whether it's a time-lapse shot of an FMX landing being built outside of Kansas City, a gorgeous view of Cainville, Utah, or a ghost-riding fifty crashing into a curb, this video demonstrates what being a rider is really all about.

Shot in:
Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Illinois, Maryland, and Utah.

Riders include:
Cody Elkins, Johnny Jones, Ronnie Renner, Adam Jones, Doug Dehaan, Brian Smith, Michael Gravette, Garry Robertson, Casey Higgins & Steve Wagner. Also including: Andy Bell, Ben Saubers, Derek Cook, Bryan Dowdy, Kyle Lovelace, Kirt Snow, David Gravette, Paul Burton, Chris Denison, Billy Walls, Clayton Miller & Darrin Connet


With a pocket full of change, a few sets of clothes, a 250cc Motocross bike, and a well broken in cargo van, several unknown freestyle motocross riders travel across country trying to make their mark in the professional fmx industry. Jumping at events with smaller crowds, smaller paychecks, and metal instead of dirt landings, these grass roots riders are what help make freestyle motocross what it is today.

When professional riders and industry leaders label the new crop of freestyle motocross riders "Ramp Kids" in order to downplay their riding, the riders must do whatever it takes to make a living doing what they love to do - ride dirtbikes. Minatory Youth takes the viewer deep into the life of a modern freestyle motocrosser, and exemplifies what it takes to be a rider in today's competitive world of professional motorcycle riding.

MINATORY YOUTH came out of an idea to do a video that combined classic riding segments, a Chapter II type storyline, and the privateer feel from The Great Outdoors. The finished product is a Freestyle Motocross video featuring Jason Rowe, Johnny Jones, Adam Jones, & Greg Hartman, that is tied into a documentary styled storyline about underground, grass-roots riders and their quest to become top freestyle competitors. Covered topics include traveling, foam pitting, and of course, "Ramp Kids."

Shot in:
Missouri, Oklahoma, California, Indiana, Maryland, Texas, Florida, Canada, and New York.

Riders include:
Greg Hartman, Adam Jones, Jason Rowe, Johnny Jones, Chuck Carothers, Jesse Crone, Jesse George, Dustin Nowak, Steve Wagner, Michael Gravette, Casey Higgins, & More.

Interviews With:
Greg Hartman, Jeff "Trailer Trash" Winstead, Adam Jones, Chuck Carothers, Jason Rowe, Johnny Jones, John Sigismondi (Event Coordinator), & Joel Grover (Event Director).

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Trepidation Utah Segment
Kansas City Segment

Bonus Feature: Backyard FMX
Bonus Feature: BMX Lake Jumping

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