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The best way to reach me is through email.

JJ Romans, Jason Rowe, and Steve Wagner atop a mountain near Guadalahara, Mexico.

Steve Wagner Freestyle Motocross School !

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Covered in
Freestyle School:

Bike Setup
  Cutting Seat
  Cutting Grab Holes

Jumping Ramps
  First Time on ramp?
  Body Positioning
  Controlling the throttle
  Moving it back

Freestyle Term Glossary
 "Sweet Spot"
 "Dead Sailor"
  And More...

Basic Tricks:          
 One Hander
 No Hander
 No Footer
 Can Can
 Fender Grab

Advanced Tricks:
 No Footed Can Can
 Saran Wrap
 Stale Fish
 Superman S.Grab
 Bar Hop/Shoalin
 Nac Nac

Pro Tricks:
 Tsunami / Kiss of Death
 No Handed Landing
 SSG One hander
 SSG Indian Air
 Double Grab / D.G. Hart
 Rock Solid
 Back Flip

Freestyle Motocross
ramp plans
also available!

..Demo Video Here..

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