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The Kiss of Death at the FMX practice track in 2004.
"Kiss of Death" in June 2004.

Hitting the 100' x 20' step up. 

A "Super Can" in North Dakota.

Steve Wagner and the one handed look-back Hart Attack.
One handed hart attack. September 03.

Layin it flat over a small double.

The practice area in Lee's Summit, Missouri.

Steve Wagner throwing out the look-back helicopter.
A look-back helicopter July 2003.

Soarin' over a car 30 feet above the missouri soils...

A visit to London Ontario

Steve Wagner checks out the police from his freestyle perspective.
Steve peepin' the local law enforcement


Steve Wagner doing a backflip at the local BMX trails.
Flipping a double out at the local BMX trails.

A McMetz from Steve Wagner while at a freestyle event in Canada.
A McMetz in London, Ontario - March 2003

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