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Frequently Asked Questions

  Covered in
Freestyle School:

Bike Setup
  Cutting Seat
  Cutting Grab Holes

Jumping Ramps
  First Time on ramp?
  Body Positioning
  Controlling the throttle
  Moving it back

Freestyle Term Glossary
"Sweet Spot"
"Dead Sailor"
  And More...

Basic Tricks:          
 One Hander
 No Hander
 No Footer
 Can Can
 Fender Grab

Advanced Tricks:
 No Footed Can Can
 Saran Wrap
 Stale Fish
 Superman S.Grab
 Bar Hop/Shoalin
 Nac Nac

Pro Tricks:
 Tsunami / Kiss of Death
 No Handed Landing
 SSG One hander
 SSG Indian Air
 Double Grab / D.G. Hart
 Back Flip

Freestyle Motocross
ramp plans
also available!

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Q: Hello, I would like to put on event, do you guys promote events?

A. No, but we do work with a variety of promotion companies, one of the biggest and best being Live Nation Entertainment. However, they seldom work with smaller exhibitions, and a company that may be able to help you is Frontier Management Group.

Q. I ordered my ramp plans two weeks ago, when will I receive them?

A. The ramp plans and fmxschool memberships are online. So, you'll need to retrieve your access password and user name you received after ordering. You then will be able to login to the ramp plans and fmxschool whenever you like from the homepage of If you lost your password, please email Steve Wagner at

Q. I'm trying to get noticed as a rider, what should I do?

A. Now you're in for the tough part of being a professional motorcycle rider: Making connections. You're going to send out as many videos and pictures of yourself riding as possible to all the promoters of events you know of. Live Nation would be a good place to start, and their webpage is

Q. How do I find tickets or get more info on an upcoming show listed on your site?

A. The promoter of each individual show should be listed on the page, but if it isn't, the event may be a smaller event in which the promoter of which is unknown. If you can't find it on a trusty google search, try contacting Steve.

Q. How long is your program, and where are you located?

A. Our program is all online for now, and our office is based in Kansas City, Missouri. Our memberships last a year. A physical school is in the works, which will most likely be located near Houston, Texas. We'll have that information on the website when it's completed.

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