No Footer
Now is when you'll begin to learn what "popping" is, as you begin to do tricks where you are bouncing off the bike in order to easily remove your arms or legs.

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When you are confident taking one leg off the bike, you will be ready to try taking two feet off of the pegs.

   As you leave the face of the jump,  set your bike up so that you are level.  Repeat the same foot motion you made while attempting one leggers only this time do that motion with both legs.  Jump the jump as many times as needed, while each time taking the pressure from your feet off of your foot pegs by first lifting your feet above and off the pegs slightly.  You will need to have your arms strait and firm in order to allow this to take place. After you feel you can do this with ease, you can start opening your legs a little bit each time. This will feel a little bit like you are doing the splits.  Just know that you will be transferring all your weight to your arms which will allow you to open your legs easily. Keep doing the jump and these motions until you have your legs strait out. One thing to keep in mind is that if your bike starts to land and your legs are off the pegs, you will be slammed into the seat (ouch!). So be warned, only go to the point where you know you can still get safely back on the bike. When going for the big no footers, one tip in landing safely is to close your legs as fast as you can while lifting your feet slightly above where you feel the pegs should be. This way, when you land, your feet will be pressed down on the pegs for you. This technique can be applied to any trick and works well on jumps with little air time.