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Here is Steve coming back from an indian-air at an IFMA in 2005.

The bikes ready to hit some FMX ramps.
The packing job in the van on the FMXSCHOOL trip to California.

Cody Elkins with a Starfish.
Cody Elkins throws a huge Starfish in Lawton, Oklahoma. The starfish is a variation of the bar hop, which is featured in

Doing a backflip nac-nac into the foam pit at Camp Chuck in Texas.
Backfllip Nac Nac in Carothers foam pit. (Spring/Summer of 2005)

Jason Rowe hanging off his FMX bike.
Jason Rowe throwin' out a one handed indian air, one of his favorite tricks.

Rowe with a solid Cordova.
Another from March 2004. Jason isn't a huge cordova fanatic, but they are a solid trick for him.

Cody Elkins attemps to touch Johnny Jones mid-flight while practicing in Oklahoma.
Cody Elkins and Johnny Jones, both Freestyle Motocross contributors, try to touch over an 80 foot gap.

Doug Dehaan goes huge in Cainville, Utah.
Supercross rider Doug Dehaan hits a big hip jump
during our trip to Cainville, Utah

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