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Ronnie Renner and a huge Kiss of Death while practicing in Florida.
Ronnie Renner playing around with his Kiss of Deaths during practice.

Chris Denison of Dirt Rider Magazine throws down.
Chris Denison (former IFMA rider, now of Dirt Rider Magazine) showing that he has still got it in him.

Ronnie Renner does a textbook Shaolin while practicing for an IFMA competition.
Our buddy Ronnie Renner bustin' a shaolin during an ifma practice.

Jason Rowe during our Freestyle Motocross portion of the Winns Thrill show in Jacksonville, Florida.
Jason Rowe in Jacksonville, Florida.

Johnny Jones in Wichita, Kansas

Ronnie Renner hits the 100 footer in Cainville, Utah.
Ronnie Renner throws a Hart Attack over a one-hundred foot step up.

Greg Hartman squeezes off a nice hart-attack on a windy day in Illionois.
Greg Hartman in October of 2004.


Jason Rowe throws out a Cliffhanger.
Jason Rowe working on Cliffhangers one afternoon.

Dehaan again hippin' it out over a third gear step up.

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