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With Freestyle Motocross School,  you will learn everything from the basic FMX tricks to the big tricks you see all the pros doing. Here we have step by step guides with digital video and pictures that teach you the safest, fastest, and easiest way to do FMX tricks. This is the ONLY place of its kind IN THE WORLD where you can learn the art of Freestyle Motocross. In addition to our online instructional program, we also offer wooden and metal FMX ramp plans. Because of their consistency and reliability, ramps are an important asset to anyone interested in advancing in Freestyle Motocross, and serve as a basic building block to improve your riding.

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For those interested in personal FMX instruction, look into our FMX classes.

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The "Backflip"

FMX Ramp Plans!
The Freestyle Motocross School ramp plans illustrate every aspect of building an FMX ramp. With drafts, pictures, & text instructions you will build a wooden or metal fmx ramp nearly identical to the ramps used in professional FMX events and competitions across the globe. The FMX ramp plans are more then just a diagram of what the ramps' demensions are. Rather, they are a complete step by step assembly guide illustrating how to assemble every piece of the ramp. We also have building tips and tricks to ensure the ramp has the best possible craftsmanship. While you are building your metal or wooden ramp,  you get email support for your specific construction questions. You may order your plans with or without the fmx school membership. 
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